Vaginal Rejuvenation: More Than Skin Deep

The vaginal lining tends to atrophy, dry, and thin with age. Researchers in Italy now report that fractional carbon dioxide (CO2) laser treatment successfully restores vaginal structure.

And the changes are more than just skin deep.

Here’s what they did

Women who were postmenopausal and not taking estrogens were studied. Each received fractional CO2 laser treatment. Samples of their vaginal tissues were then studied under a microscopic.

Here’s what they found

Overall, the changes in these women reflected what is seen in the vaginal tissue of young women.

Following fractional CO2 laser treatment, the structural integrity of vaginal cells was restored. There was an increase in the storage of glycogen in the cells around the vagina—important because glycogen is considered  a prebiotic, which works to maintain the health of vaginal cells, restore lubrication, and decrease bladder infections.

Among other important changes, new surrounding blood vessels were formed to deliver nutrients. New collagen, ground substance, and connective tissue to support the vaginal cells were produced. Vaginal tightening and urine leakage [stress incontinence] associate with exercise and sneezing have since been reported to improve following treatment.


The bottom line

These findings confirm that following fractional CO2 laser treatment the changes that occur affect more than just the surface appearance of the vagina. In fact, the vaginal area experiences a renewal in form and function.

Women on estrogen replacement can also benefit, as can breast cancer survivors who cannot use estrogen products.

For women who desire vaginal rejuvenation to restore the tightness and moisture they enjoyed when they were younger, fractional CO2 laser offers a sound treatment option. The labia can also be recontoured, and together may boost your self-confidence, comfort, and intimacy. Women as well as their partners report increased sexual satisfaction and enjoyment.

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