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Benefits of a Long-term Strategy for Facial Rejuvenation

Today we know that repeated treatments with Botox® lead to improved results long-term, while the response to fillers appears to continue beyond the initial treatment period. Both have implications for achieving the best response possible when applied as part of a strategy for facial rejuvenation.

“The greatest benefits,” according to international experts, “are obtained if patients return for treatment when the previous results start to diminish rather than after they disappear completely.”

Support for follow-up Botox injections comes from a review of 194 patients who received Botox treatments over an average of 9 years for the vertical wrinkles that developed between their eyebrows—commonly known as frown lines. Ongoing evaluation and treatments as needed lead to sustained improvement and, most importantly, “very high patient satisfaction!” Those treated for longer periods reported greater perceived benefits in terms of increased pliability and elastic recoil.

The long-term restorative potential of hyaluronic acid filler (Juvéderm® Ultra) was shown among more than 350 patients. Improvement persisted beyond the time that could be accounted for by space-filling effects alone! It is suggested that in these patients there was an up-regulation in collagen and elastin formation after injection of the filler—a response not seen when saline is injected.

The bottom line.

We keep learning more about facial fillers and Botox. Now more than ever, consultation with an expert aesthetic dermatologist is essential for anyone seeking to restore a youthful facial appearance. For a consultation and more information about the benefits of fillers and Botox for you, contact Aesthetic Dermatology and Skin Cancer: Jeffrey H. Binstock, M.D. Drs. BinstockLayton, and Physician Assistant Cullinane will answer your questions. Call our San Francisco office at (415) 956-8686, or in Mill Valley call (415) 383-5475.