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One Person’s Experience with Treating Brown Spots

Facial appearance doesn’t always reflect chronological age; some people look younger or older than they really are. We all know that changes in skin such as wrinkles and sagging make us appear older than our years. Brown spots on your skin also make you appear older, particularly to younger people you meet every day.

When researchers in Paris looked at facial features of Caucasian women between 20 to 74 years old, they found that the presence of brown spots (aka age spots, liver spots, sun spots) caused younger people to overestimate the age of a women. In other words, brown spots influence your younger friends and business associates to conclude you are older than you really are.

Exposure to sunlight influences the number and locations of these spots. Higher exposure leads to more spots, whereas people with less exposure tend to have fewer of these blemishes. Fortunately, brown age spots can be removed by a qualified aesthetic dermatologist using Excel V™ laser treatment. This laser emits a tunable pinpoint beam of light that triggers elimination of melanin, which removes the brown spots.

One person’s experience

Sarah’s story is based a composite of patients who typically develop brown spots on their skin. She is an active native Southern Californian who loves playing beach volleyball. Sara applies sunscreen to her face but not on here body; and since turning 40, the spots “just keep appearing”.

Two 15-minute Excel V treatments done last year removed a large sunspot along her hair line and another on her left cheek. Smaller ones on the other cheek were successfully treated.

Sara continued to play beach volleyball, and over time the spot on her right cheek returned, despite using sunscreen. Additional treatments, targeted her face and proceeded down her body—legs, arms, and chest. The spots changed color and then “fell off” after a week or two.

Laser treatment for your brown spots

Brown spots are stubborn, and some people may require several treatment sessions. Immediately after treatment, the area becomes gray/purplish for up to a week. So, plan for some downtime. Soon the treated skin will regain the correct pigment, which matches surrounding skin. Following treatment, you must use SPF 30 and properly care for the skin.

Skillful use of the Excel V laser is a good treatment option for many people with brown spots. At Aesthetic Dermatology and Skin Cancer: Jeffrey H. Binstock, M.D. we have extensive experience using Excel V. You can read more about how it works here.

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