“Always amazing, good service”

I’ve been seeing this Doctor for years now and I highly recommend him. He is very skilled, personable and empathetic too. Whenever anyone asks me for a dermatologist, I recommend Dr.B every time.

Botox® Cosmetic and Fillers

I love the way it takes away the frown lines

Before I got Botox, people thought that I was angry because it looked as if I was frowning. Now I’m a happier person. I love the way it takes away the frown lines.

Thank you for your skillful services with injectables

“This letter is to inform you of my satisfaction with your artistic ability and professionalism. I learned that it makes not only a big difference who injects, it makes all the difference. Thank you for your skillful services with injectables.”


The procedure itself is quick and totally painless…

FemTouch is the perfect alternative for women that cannot (or do not want to) use estrogen products to decrease pain during intimacy. The procedure itself is quick and totally painless, the only thing you will feel is some warmth and a slight vibration. After the very first treatment, I was able to notice a significant decrease in discomfort during sex… the second treatment has shown even more improvement. So excited that FemTouch has been able to give me a part of my life back that I thought was gone for good!


Having gone through the process, I highly recommend both procedures.

Getting older is not always fun. Aches and pains become part of your day. The mirror is not always your friend – wrinkles start to etch a map on your face showing the landscape of where you’ve traveled. I thought that was maybe the extent of it.

Following up on the aches and pains, I had to get some X-rays to diagnose their origin. When I looked at the X-rays with the doctor, I was mortified. What was that? The only way I could describe it was Old Lady Labia (OLL). I thought about writing a biting poem about the injustice of getting through giving birth to four kids, years of loving being a woman to end up with OLL.

Wonder of wonders, my medical professional at Aesthetic Dermatology offered me the opportunity to test a new technique to ease the landscape of my face and to address my OLL. I was thrilled at the prospect.

Having gone through the process, I highly recommend both procedures. I get compliments on my complexion – folks don’t really notice why, but keep telling me I look great. As for the vaginal procedure, it was relatively painless and the results are fantastic. I now feel juicy inside and out; something that has been lacking in my intimate life for quite some time.

I am so grateful to the staff at Aesthetic Dermatology for their support and ability to put me at ease through this process.

Laser Rejuvenation

Thank you for being such an excellent surgeon

“I do sincerely thank you for being such an excellent surgeon and you have such a superb staff, so friendly and yet so professional.”

Takes the time to listen

“Dr. Binstock always takes the time to listen. I love the way my skin glows. The best gift I ever gave myself.”

Gentle, careful, thorough, meticulous, and caring

“Dr. Binstock was gentle, careful, thorough, meticulous, and caring. I felt I received whatever time was necessary to do the best job required.”


Feeling after the coolsculpting

How are you feeling after the cool sculpt on friday?
A bit swollen but fine Ran sat morning and uncomfortable for 1st mile but better after that Horseback riding too and out w girls biking do still active Want to do my tummy


“It’s not just that other people noticed the results – as in individual, it inspired me.” – Jeani

Decided on CoolSculpting

“I definitely did not want or need surgery. That’s why I decided on CoolSculpting.” – Karen

CoolSculpting is probably one of the best things I’ve ever done.

“I feel confident in a two-piece bathing suit. I haven’t had a two-piece on in years and I can walk around with it on. I have a form fitting dress on and when I walk down the street I feel confident. CoolSculpting is probably one of the best things I’ve ever done.” – Paige

Mohs Surgery

Thank you

Thank you Dr. Mohs Art [Mozart]

Special care

Can’t thank you enough for all your special “care”.

Thank you for performing such an excellent procedure

Thank you for performing such an excellent procedure! It was my first surgery and I am very grateful with the way you and your staff took care of me.

Basal cell carcinoma

Many thanks for your treatment of my basal cell carcinoma in Janurary 2010.The aesthetic results are very impressive. All those who saw the initial surgical closure shortly post-operatively have commented that the site is barely noticeable. Given the size of the resection, I must commend your talents.

Eyelid Surgery

Attentive and responsive to all my questions and concerns

Everyone was very concerned about my comfort. Jeffrey Binstock was particularly attentive and responsive to all my questions and concerns.

Great results

Great experience. Almost no discomfort during surgery and then after. Great results!

Outcome of the surgery is outstanding

The outcome of the surgery is outstanding. The whole procedure was relatively painless.

Everything was thoroughly explained

Everything was thoroughly explained. I knew what to expect. Everything went smoothly as planned. I felt good about the precautionary exams requested by Dr. Binstock.

I believe he is an excellent doctor

Jeffrey Binstock is very honest and straight talking. I believe he is an excellent doctor.


Dr. Binstock’s work is excellent

“Dr. Binstock’s work is excellent. His staff is friendly and helpful. Overall service is the best!”

I highly recommend Dr. Binstock

“If you made the decision to have cosmetic surgery, then I highly recommend Dr. Binstock. His combination of medical expertise and interpersonal skills will make your experience a safe and successful one.”

Thank you for your experienced and wonderful work

“I am very happy with the results. I wanted to thank you for your experienced and wonderful work. You and your staff provided a professional and comfortable atmosphere, in addition to your expertise.”

Thank you for your attentive care

“Thank you for your attentive care during the procedure and follow-up appointments. Overall, I feel much better and look forward to a healthier life.”

Extremely professional and courteous

“Dr. Binstock and his staff were extremely professional and courteous—excellent care and treatment.”

Easy and painless surgery

“The liposuction surgery was easy and painless and results were immediately visible.”

Experience was a good one

“Overall, the whole experience was a good one and I would recommend you to others, and if ever I needed your services again, of course I would come back to your office. Thank you!”

Satisfied with the results

“All in all, thus far I am very satisfied with the results. I haven’t regretted it for a moment and feel that it was well worth the preparation, time, effort, and money invested. Thank you so much for your care and expertise.”

Great staff

“I just wanted to let you know, I think you have a great staff working for you. Every time I have called or have come into your office, everyone has always been very professional, courteous, and above all, helpful. It is not often people receive acknowledgement for a good job they have done, usually only a bad job. I have been to many doctors in my time, none of whom left me with the feeling of wanting to sit down and write a letter of appreciation.”

Less expensive alternative

“I am most pleased at the removal of the jowls. I considered a face-lift, but this was a much less expensive alternative.”

Other Testimonials

“Quick, wanted to help”

It was a short appointment and he was nice/helpful.

“Everyone is very nice, very professional”

Very good experience as always and asked if I had any concerns.


Excellent, efficient and good, clear explanation of treatment and options with attention to details.


Stephanie was great! Efficient and informative!

“I saw Stephanie Cullinane”

Stephanie is a wonderful PA, even better than most of the MDs I’ve seen. She really knows her stuff, and is constantly available to answer questions, before and after your appointment. She helped me through a course of Accutane, and my skin has never been so clear in my entire life.
Thank you, Stephanie 🙂

“He’s quick, painless, and professional”

Great experience with the doctor – we’ll see now how my head heals! Excellent experience.

“Well taken care of!”

Good bedside manner.

“Quick but thorough”

The office staff was helpful and friendly, and Dr. Binstock addressed all my issues quickly but thoroughly. I would highly recommend this office, located in a convenient location downtown SF.

“Pleasant experience. Willingness to help. Great rapport. Thank you all.”

Great experience with the staff and the doctor. All very friendly and willing to help. Answered all my questions. Didn’t feel rushed. Had a rough morning commuting to the appointment, yet staff was so caring and understanding. Really made my day dropping by this office. Thank you!!

“Very professional.”

Liked how courteous and professional he was.

“Thank you”

Very professional and informative

“Could not have been in better hands”

I needed a MOHS procedure on my left temple and was concerned about extent of cancer and final result. Dr. Binstock was terrific – as was his assistant and staff. Everyone was caring and helpful – not to mention compassionate. I don’t believe I could have received better care – and I have had the good fortune to work for two world class medical centers. I am grateful for Dr. Binsotck’s care – and that of his staff.

“I’ve always had a wonderful experience with Dr. Binstock and all of his staff.”

The staff has helped me schedule quickly, been supportive and very kind. Dr. Binstock’s surgery is fantastic?

“Fast and Easy”

Stephanie Cullinane was fast, professional and answered my questions with ease. A definite recommendation!

“Great visit”

Quick and easy visit, no hassle.

“Fantastic. ”

Professional and of great cheer!


“Very thorough!”

Stephanie provided a very thorough skin examination. At the same time she was able to recommend treatment for my acne and Melasma. It is great to have medical advice on both medical and cosmetic treatment.

“This is for Stephanie. ”

She’s fantastic-thorough, competent, takes great care of me. She cut me all, she zapped my spots, and she checked to make sure I didn’t have cancer. What can I say? Not something I would ask for, but what choice did I have? She did her job.


Dr Binstock was gentle, careful, thorough, meticulous, and caring. I felt I received whatever time was necessary to do the best job required…


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