PHI: Controversy vs. Reality in Facial Aesthetics

In an earlier post on this website, it was shown that PHI (aka the golden ratio) is a useful tool to guide treatment decisions in facial aesthetics. In fact, we at Aesthetic Dermatology and Skin Cancer: Jeffrey H. Binstock, M.D.believe in global facial rejuvenation based on PHI.

It’s time to place PHI into perspective. As the international constant of beautiful faces, PHI is in all of nature, including sea shells, bird wings, etc.

In support of PHI

First, defining PHI as a formula that “proves” beauty is disingenuous, according to Gary Meisner, who uses the concept of PHI in practice. “No one I know with any depth of knowledge on this topic claims that the golden ratio “proves” beauty… It’s not a single, all-encompassing silver bullet. It’s a tool to understanding, creating, and refining natural aesthetics and beauty.”

From a medical perspective, we agree. No single magic formula for beauty exists. Beauty is a concept guided by human perception and influenced by many factors, such as complexion, skin tone, health, facial expression, aging, and more. Using the concept of PHI, we are able to restore a more youthful appearance by focusing on facial proportion and balance.

To claim that facial proportions are irrelevant to beauty is misguided at best. Even small variations in facial features can create significant differences in perceived attractiveness. Just browse this website, and the differences become clear. At Aesthetic Dermatology and Skin Cancer: Jeffrey H. Binstock, M.D., PHI is used to inform our decisions and recommendations for your treatment. Our recommendations are based on aesthetic science tempered by your personal needs.

From our point of view, the secret to achieving the most aesthetically pleasing face is to apply PHI appropriately. Skillful selection and the use of dermal fillers, botox, and Kybella (along with the principles of PHI) offer an opportunity to restore a youthful appearance non-surgically, by using “Syringe Therapy”.

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