Satisfaction with CoolSculpting

Cryolipolysis (CoolSculpting®) is a proven method for body contouring. The mechanism behind the action of this procedure and its effectiveness have been discussed on this website. Essentially application of cold temperatures triggers fat cell death followed by slow digestion by white blood cells.

Of course, observable changes and the patient’s satisfaction with those changes are not necessarily the same thing. Fortunately, patent satisfaction has been studied, and the findings are encouraging, according to a survey of 518 treated patients in Belgium and France.

Here’s what they found.

The lower abdomen was most commonly treated (28%) along with the left and right flank (19% each).

Among those who responded to the survey, 89% had a positive perception of treatment, with 73% reporting satisfaction with the outcome. In line with these results, 82% of patients would recommend cryolipolysis to a friend.

It might be argued that these positive assessments are subjective. However, they are supported by caliper measurements demonstrating a 23% reduction in fat layer thickness at 3 months after treatment. Abdomen, back, and flank treatment sites were most effective, with 86% of patients showing improvement based on assessments by the researchers. Finally, the procedure was well-tolerated.

These finding in Europe are supported by a similar study of more than 500 people in California. In that group, CoolSculpting was also associated with “high patient satisfaction.”

The bottom line.

You might ask why satisfaction is not 100%, and is about 80% a good positive response? In fact, even after liposuction, patient satisfaction is about 80%.

In the field of aesthetic dermatology, no procedure can claim satisfaction by all those who receive it. Some patients inevitably have unrealistic expectations. In other cases, the person performing the procedure might not have the expertise and experience to maximize your benefit.

In California, the applicator may only be placed on the patient by a physician, physician assistant, or registered nurse, NOT by a medical assistant, licensed vocational nurse, or esthetician. Choose wisely the person treating you and be cautious about overly enthusiastic promises.

CoolSculpting at Aesthetic Dermatology and Skin Cancer: Jeffrey H. Binstock, M.D. follows a strict procedure that ensures you will enjoy the best results. For consultation and more information about our approach to CoolSculpting to achieve the best look for you, call our San Francisco office at (415) 956-8686, or in Mill Valley call (415) 383-5475. Dr. Binstock, Dr. Layton, and Stephanie Cullinane, PC-A will answer your questions.


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