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Here’s What to Look for in a Qualified Aesthetic Dermatologist

Frequently on the Aesthetic Dermatology and Skin Cancer: Jeffrey H. Binstock, M.D. website we caution readers to be careful when selecting the provider who will use fillers and other injectables on your face. But how do you judge competency and experience? Certainly, you can ask friends, but generally their experience is anecdotal—limited to just one […]

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Don’t Ignore the Temples as Part of Your Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation

Loss of volume in the temple areas of the face contributes to a gaunt and wasted appearance. Fortunately, dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid (HA) can counteract this loss of volume to achieve a more balanced and youthful appearance. For themples, only the most experienced aesthetic dermatologists can skillfully combine the best filler for you […]

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Benefits of a Long-term Strategy for Facial Rejuvenation

Today we know that repeated treatments with Botox® lead to improved results long-term, while the response to fillers appears to continue beyond the initial treatment period. Both have implications for achieving the best response possible when applied as part of a strategy for facial rejuvenation. “The greatest benefits,” according to international experts, “are obtained if […]

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